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Heather Heath

Vegan Vegas Culinary School & Eatery
Heather Heath is the owner/CEO of the first woman-owned, non-accredited 100% vegan cooking school and restaurant in the US, Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery in Las Vegas, Nevada. Heather is a 30-year veteran of healthcare executive management and CFO responsibilities. She is excellent at non-profit administration and the related fields of financial management, marketing and sales strategy and public relations on a global scale. She is a fervent supporter of Plant-Based alternatives and the development of novel methods for assisting people in making the switch to a vegan diet for not only ethical reasons but health-related reasons as well. Since its inception in 2018, her non-profit, Willow's Wish, has worked to improve animal welfare internationally through a variety of initiatives including animal spay/neuter campaigns, public awareness campaigns and dietary campaigns. For many years, she has also worked with prominent foundations to promote long-term population control solutions as an animal welfare consultant and volunteer in countries all over Asia (particularly South Korea). She is dedicated to promoting long-term, positive impacts for future generations by raising awareness and implementing informed, practical solutions all through the foundation of education.