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Jim Kempland

BARE Zero Proof
Co-Founder and CEO
The question “Why can’t I have a non-alcoholic bourbon?” began the quest for James over four years ago leading to the launch of BARE Zero Proof Spirits as Co-Founder and CEO.  A spirits marketing veteran Mr. Kempland led the business integration and marketing for Angel’s Envy Bourbon throughout the Bacardi acquisition, during which time the mindful drinking trend began to emerge. Capitalizing on unnoticed trends has been his career’s hallmark.
As a business owner and marketing consultant, James’ experience spans the full food chain supply process. A food and beverage marketing executive for over twenty-five years, with Brown Foreman, Diageo, Unilever, P&G, and Miller Brewing Company, in general and luxury marketing, strategic communication and brand management.
Mr. Kempland holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Maryville University-St. Louis and a MS degree in Political Management from The George Washington University. Whether business or politics, Kempland’s belief is all consumer motivation stems from personal connection and marketing excellence is all around us – yet few know the secret.