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Lola Palooza

On The Down Lola
Podcast Host
Indianapolis, IN
Lola is a self-defined, professionally extra, Glamedy Queen. As a LGBTQ+/SOGI activist and entertainer, Lola hosts a variety of events centered around creating “safe spaces”. Lola Palooza is the host of the podcast On The Down Lola. A podcast that centers around building connections and positive community growth through real conversations about real topics. Building bridges of solidarity gives us all a path to our best selves. She has made numerous TV appearances including daytime TV cooking demos and has been used for LGBTQ commentary on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. When not in studio, she is the Creative Director and General Manager of the 2022 Industry Excellence Award winning LGBTQ safe space Downtown Olly’s in Indianapolis, IN. Her favorite soapboxes are “paying artists their worth does not include ‘exposure” and “being your honest self is always being your best self.”

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, March 29

2:00pm PDT