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Susan Fedroff

Clover Club
Owner, Operator
New York, New York

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Susan began working in bars (both behind the bar and back of the house) more than 25 years ago.  Her entrepreneurial career began shortly after completing a Masters degree in economics and finance from NYU.  Susan spent a couple of years working in NYC government (in various budgetary positions,) then left the public sector for a big jump back into F&B.  Susan was a co-owner and managing partner of the Flatiron Lounge (2003) and the Pegu Club (2005) and is a current owner/operator of Clover Club (2008), Leyenda (2015) and Miladys (2022).   
Her expertise is in all fiscal concerns before and during operations, project management, lease negotiation, construction and build out, business plan, financial pro forma, permits, licenses and city agencies. All the fun Stuff! 
Additionally, Susan is a founding partner in Social Hour Cocktails and lives in Brooklyn NY with her wife Julie Reiner and their 14-year-old daughter Maya.